At Preston Pipelines our primary responsibility is the safety of our workers and anyone who comes into contact with our jobsites. As a company, we recognize that the work that we perform on a daily basis can be dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not taken, therefore, we have created an extensive safety training program to educate our employees on all safety sensitive subjects pertaining to their work and how it can affect others.

500px_safety-vanSafety Department: Our Safety Department is staffed by 4 full time safety professionals with over 70 years of combined Safety experience in the construction industry and equipped with the latest technology to perform their daily tasks efficiently and achieve positive results in the field.

Driver Check Program: We maintain a driver check program to ensure that our vehicles are operated safely and lawfully.

Operators: Our equipment is only operated by the most qualified individuals who have to complete a rigorous training program and a post dispatch assessment to ensure that they are capable of operating the equipment safely and productively.

Laborers: Our laborers receive extensive training on safety topics directly related to their daily job functions.

Training: Preston Pipelines has an extensive safety training program that covers a multitude of subjects including; trenching and Shoring, Rigging, Signal Person, Flagger Training, Spotter Training, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Heat Illness Prevention, and others. We also conduct weekly tool box topics, monthly foreman meetings, daily pre task planning, and daily stretch and flex program to avoid muscle pulls and other types of injuries.

Driver Check Program®:  Preston Pipelines focuses on Driver Courtesy and accident prevention. Preston Pipelines is enrolled in the DriverCheck ® Risk Management Program. This program offers toll-free numbers to call for motorists to provide us with feed-back on our driver performance. We fully investigate each call received and provide direction to our employees where problems are reported or kudos to them where the callers are complimentary, and very often that is the case.

Zero Drug and Alcohol Tolerance: Preston Pipelines, Inc. has always maintained a strong commitment to provide a safe, efficient, and productive work environment and wants to ensure that employees will perform their duties safely and efficiently in a manner that protects their interests and those of their co-workers. In keeping with this commitment, Preston Pipelines, Inc. has a long established zero tolerance policy regarding the inappropriate use and possession of drugs and alcohol, including pre-employment and incident screenings.


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