Rainwater Harvesting System @ Delta Americas Headquarters

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Location: Fremont, Ca

Project Description: The rainwater harvesting system at Delta Americas Headquarters consists of a huge underground cistern, displacing over 1500 cubic yards of soil during excavation. Our Excavating Operator, John Boyle, utilized one of our 750 John Deere Excavators to get the job done. The cistern was broken up into 42 pieces, each weighing 22,750 pounds. It took 45 truckloads to deliver the concrete to the job site. Each piece was 16X8X4 feet. The underground cistern is capable of retaining approximately 140,000 gallons of rainwater. The collected rainwater is cleaned as it passes through media filters before entering the tank. The rainwater is stored for the purpose of onsite irrigation. The underground cistern was engineered to have the capacity to irrigate all onsite landscaping for a year, meaning that if filled to capacity the water within the tank will irrigate every plant, shrub and tree without any additional water source for 365 days.

Project Management Team:

Project Executive – Jordan Thomas

Project Manager – James Grist

Project Engineers – Seamus Armanino and TJ Copple

Project Assistant – Desiree Rios

Superintendent – Tony Teman

Foreman – Troy Albright

Excavating Operator -John Boyle

Estimator – Brandie Shipley

General Contractor/Client: Vance Brown


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